What we do

  • Audits of Financial Statements

Either obligatory stipulated by law in the Polish Accounting Act, or required by entities

We carry out audits in line with the following principles:

Polish Accounting Act

Polish Standards on Auditing

International Standards on Auditing

Particular regulations applied in entities

  • Reviews of Financial Statements

Mid-year reviews of Financial Statements, reviews for group purposes – carried out in line with procedures required by a group auditor, reviews required by Shareholders and Management Board

  • Advisory on posting and processing transactions to optimise accounting treatment

We help you solve possible problems which you are forced to deal with,for example:

-if you plan a transaction we advise how to record it;

-if a complicated transaction was recorded mistakenly and you need to correct it,we can advise your Chief Accountant;

-if you are overwhelmed with duties and face a lack of qualified staff,, which results in a chaos in the accounting books;

-if you have to deal with any other difficult situation when Board Members, Shareholders or Chief Accountants need advice.

We guarantee our support and expertise to solve your problems as soon as possible so that your accounting and financial teams continue with ongoing operations.

  • Audit of disposal of UE funds

Bearing in mind that each project is different, we carefully act in line with procedures recommended for each project and pursuing the code of ethics and professional behavior of licensed auditors,

  • Due diligence projects

We conduct them in a competent and fast way. We know that confidentiality is the priority in the processes of takeovers or planned takeovers. We understand that on our information and recommendation you make a decision on whether an investment is profitable or not. We answer all your questions.